Monday, April 18, 2011

The (non)Whisperer

Have you ever met someone who can not whisper in a soft tone? That is my husband. I ask nicely, "Can you please whisper?" My husband has this lovely, deep, smooth, radio-talk-show-host voice. And his voice just carries. A long way. His throat must hurt when he whispers, because my throat hurts when he whispers. So much air is coming out it sounds like he might pass out. I could hear him across the street if he whispers. This brings a smile to my face. He might not be able to whisper, but he has crystal blue eyes. And he turns the heater on in the bathroom for me so it will be nice and warm when I get up. I just love my non-whisperer.

Saturday, April 2, 2011


Drew called me yesterday to see if I wanted to go to lunch. He met me at the food court. It's a good thing he did. I had a couple of days of too much thinking. Not of work or deadlines, but about time. Where did it go? When did my baby girl get to be 5foot 4 inches. When did my baby boy get too big to sit in my lap (OK, he still does occasionally!) Late Thursday night I pulled out the scrapbook from when my kiddies were babies. I did alot of documenting during that time in their lives. I am so glad that I did. It gives me lots of reasons to start crying...uncontrollably in the food court over a chicken cheese steak from Great Escape. My poor husband looks at me in an uncomfortable glance and says, "why are you crying". I couldn't tell him for a minute because there were LOTS of people and I didn't want to make more of a scene than I was. What I wanted to do was just put my head on the table and cry for a good while. I have spent the last 48 hours being very sad and wanting desperately to go back to those lazy days of tickling, reading and eating pb&j for 5 days straight.

But, I didn't put my head on that table. I finished my sandwich. On my way home from work I stopped by the store and bought 4 big beautiful steaks. Pulled out the china and the pretty red place mats. I even washed the crystal tea glasses for our celebration. We sat down and my kids said, "What are we celebrating?". I told them we were celebrating being together and being happy. Ultimately that is all I have ever wanted for my sweet little family!