Saturday, April 2, 2011


Drew called me yesterday to see if I wanted to go to lunch. He met me at the food court. It's a good thing he did. I had a couple of days of too much thinking. Not of work or deadlines, but about time. Where did it go? When did my baby girl get to be 5foot 4 inches. When did my baby boy get too big to sit in my lap (OK, he still does occasionally!) Late Thursday night I pulled out the scrapbook from when my kiddies were babies. I did alot of documenting during that time in their lives. I am so glad that I did. It gives me lots of reasons to start crying...uncontrollably in the food court over a chicken cheese steak from Great Escape. My poor husband looks at me in an uncomfortable glance and says, "why are you crying". I couldn't tell him for a minute because there were LOTS of people and I didn't want to make more of a scene than I was. What I wanted to do was just put my head on the table and cry for a good while. I have spent the last 48 hours being very sad and wanting desperately to go back to those lazy days of tickling, reading and eating pb&j for 5 days straight.

But, I didn't put my head on that table. I finished my sandwich. On my way home from work I stopped by the store and bought 4 big beautiful steaks. Pulled out the china and the pretty red place mats. I even washed the crystal tea glasses for our celebration. We sat down and my kids said, "What are we celebrating?". I told them we were celebrating being together and being happy. Ultimately that is all I have ever wanted for my sweet little family!

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