Sunday, March 27, 2011


My sister and I went shopping this weekend. I am pleased to announce that I officially have no faith in the sizing that our current fashion industry uses. Within 1.5 hours I ranged from a size 8 to 14. Instead of being sad about this, we immediately found the closest Coldstone Creamery to celebrate our diversity! I am of the opinion that these clothes were cut for women who 1. NEVER eat at Coldstone and 2. Have never EVER had to wear Spanx!

This past winter I had a beautiful "aha" moment. I decided to stop agonizing over what I would wear to work and traded that anxiety with a very simple strategy... uniforms! This picture represents my "Monday" skirt ensemble. Every Monday for many months, this is the skirt I wore. The black tights and the boots automatically go with the skirt so all I had to do was grab something to throw on top. I found comfort in the fact that Monday was taken care of. I actually took a similar approach to Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I left Wednesday as a wild card. I was free to choose something really crazy and wild. Most of the time this ended up being my green cardigan with my lime green tank.

This picture is actually part of my Project Life book. Even though my children probably will not forget me wearing this outfit since I wore it every Monday for months. I want them to know that I spent my time on more important things like cooking cinnamon rolls for them on Sundays and riding bikes. I also did NOT spend as much time cleaning from the looks of the fogginess on the mirror hence,the thin layer of dust! And this too is part of my story.

Live Today!

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