Thursday, March 24, 2011

Starting my Day!

My typical day starts waking up to a busy household just like yours! There are lunches to be made (thanks to my wonderful husband!) teeth to brush and homework to be stuffed in the back packs! I LOVE that we start our day all together and end it in the same way! (That story is for another day!) I am fortunate to spend about 30 minutes in the car with my daughter! What wonderful times we have had! We cover many subjects and laugh until tears come out! I cherish that time.

After I drop my eldest off to learn about history and getting the best seat at the lunch table, I continue on my journey to work. I enjoy that time too. I ponder and consider during this time. Or I call my mom,dad or husband. I don't call my sister because she is more of an afternoon talker. This is part of my journey to the office. I park waaaaay away from the building. So, I have even more time to ponder life and prepare for the day and plan on what I'm going to eat for lunch!

These small details are all part of my story. What does your story look like? Go capture it!

Live Today!

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