Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I will be the absolute FIRST to say that organization eludes me. I feel that I am somewhat of an organized thinker. Taking action on these thoughts is kind of painful for me. I really have to work at it! I was THRILLED to stumble across this idea! I don't even remember where I saw/heard it, but it stuck!
Here is THE binder! This is where all my recipes, gardening and some of my favorite decorating ideas live. Please note that everything in between the green and yellow tabs are DESSERTS!! The main dishes and sides are somewhere in there. And there is a whole section on dips and cheese balls (my favorite!)
When I see a recipe I like in a magazine I rip it out and just stick it in a page protector. If I find one on the internet I print it out and stick it in there too. Or I have some pages with hand written recipes on misc. pieces of paper..those are simply stapled to some paper and then stuck in the page protector. I also want to remember what I put in my flower garden. So this too goes in the binder. I got so tired of seeing them just laying around on my counters. Where else do you put these things?? I stapled them in such a way that I can partially flip them over and see what's on the back ( I only read that part when something doesn't grow:) Same with articles that I want to keep. I try not to keep whole publications just for a handful of ideas. I do the same thing with my scrapbooking. I rip out the pages and stick them in an idea binder (a separate binder that I keep in my studio). When I get stuck or need ideas, I've got them all nice and neat in page protectors..have I mentioned that I LOVE page protectors?
I hope that this helps someone! It sure has made my life easier!
Live Today!

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