Thursday, May 14, 2009

Creative Process

Like you, my creative process is constantly changing. Sometimes up, sometimes down, sometimes nothing. Regardless I keep on going. Just bought Kelly Rae Roberts' book, "Taking Flight". Love. She is a mixed media artist who actually uses lots of scrapbooking products in her work. Last night I was just dying to try this is what I came up with. I didn't even bother trying to make it perfect or do it "right". I just started. And I'm proud of the fact that I did something new and out of my normal comfort zone. (that's the essence of the book.) far as my "365" Project. Yes, I do take pictures every week. Taking the pictures is the first step. Once I take the pictures, I create a journaling card for that picture pretty quick so I don't forget details. (I keep some premade 4x6 cards of various colors in my studio to save time). So, I might have several cards in my album with no pictures to go with them...yet. I upload my pictures to Shutterfly in batches. Most of the time I do a couple of months worth at a time. I don't print every picture from every day or occasion. If I take 12 pictures of one "event" I might print 1 or 2 (or sometimes more) pictures for that day.
This is what May 5th looked like I have my journaling card and pictures to go along with that day. I actually had a couple of more pictures that go with this card and they continued on the back side of the page so the back looks like this.
The 3 pictures at the top are continued from the previous page and the 3 cards on the bottom are waiting for me to print off the pictures to go with them. This system actually helps me remember which pictures I want to print off. They are all important to me, but I don't print out everything!
This is May 5th waiting for pictures of our turtles...
This is a page from April. I try to use my children's handwriting as much as possible. R wrote down his recipe and so I just glued that on my journaling card added a few more details and I was stress, no pictures stuffed in a box somewhere in hopes of scrappin' them later. I do have my layouts mixed in there. If I get inspired, I'll make a whole page and just stick them in. I try to keep the order chronological by date.
(The layout to the left IS upside down...) My albums are very eclectic looking. I don't mind though. It's all part of the process! :)

Live Today!

P.S. This post looks extrememly off kilter because I'm trying different ways to upload my pictures...I want them to be clear and big. But, some of them look way too big and some not so clear. I'm working on that detail..:)

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