Sunday, May 17, 2009

My Mothers Day

Wow! How wonderful Mother's Day is. A day to remember how much we are blessed to have family! I was reminded how much I have to be thankful for; happy and healthy children, a wonderful husband who provides for us and the ability to enjoy spending time together! We planted my peony bush, went fishing and watched one of my favorite series,"Cranford". It was a very relaxing day. I already have my journaling card filled out and it is waiting for me to print this picture to go with it. But, I will wait a couple of weeks. (It saves on shipping to print in batches!)
This is what I came up with to store my 12x12 6 up page protectors. I got so tired of seeing them stacked in no rhyme or reason. This is an express box from the post office. Yes! I thought about using it to ship something to someone, but then decided to use priority and just happened to have this left over. So...if you are THINKING of shipping something to someone, pick this up JUST IN CASE! And then you can just cover it and use it to store your 12x12 stuff. It is like 13x14 or something like that so 12x12 products fit PERFECT! I buy my page protectors at They almost always have their scrapbook stuff 20% off. I use We R Memory Keepers. $7.95 will buy you 25 heavy duty page protectors. Very reasonable!
Live Today!

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