Monday, July 6, 2009


WOWEEE!! I am having way too much fun now! If you have been wanting to learn more about digital frames and how to add them to your photos, TODAY IS YOUR LUCKY DAY!!! And I am not a big "luck" kind of gal, but this is FABULOUS! Jessica Sprague Right now this class is $45. I signed up for it about a week ago and somehow I got it free. So, if you don't want to pay the $45 maybe bookmark her sight or better yet sign up to become a member of her site and maybe she'll send you upcoming class info. Regardless, I just took my first "class" and learned something very valuable that has been eluding me for quite awhile. Her classes are designed to be accessed at your convenience so that you can go back over it as many times as you want! PS. If you are my sister, I will be sharing some info. that we were just talking about this weekend...Horrah for sisters! :) Look at what I just did after my 10 minute class... And this is my 365 POTD (picture of the day!:)
I opened up my picture in Photoshop Elements and added a layering mask, a frame and added text. Took me about a minute to do! :)

More to come very very excited!
Live Today!

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