Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How Old Am I???

Today as the kids and I were driving, I had a strange moment. I couldn't remember how old I was. Honest. I was sitting at a stop sign and I don't even remember the thought process of why it was important for me to remember. But, I turned to H and said, "How old am I?" At the same time I was counting from my birth year to present, doing the math. I was actually relieved to realize I was still 33. I think I was expecting to be a bit older. That was a really strange feeling. Whew! I've still got several months before I turn 34. I felt like I was given a sip from the fountain of youth. I can handle 33! I guess the older we get the less we actually have to disclose our age. Wouldn't it be cool to kind of pick which age we would like to pause at. And then when we get to 60 or so start keeping track again. Becase I hear you can get some great deals with a senior discount.
Our summer has slowed down considerably. I should be grateful for this "down" time. I did finally finish H's school page, now on to R's. But my master list of things I HAVE to get done this summer is just about finished.
1. clean the siding on the house (check)
2. restain the deck (check)
3. clean out the garage (check)
4. paint furniture on the deck (check)
and a few others that are tragically boring...(check)

So, here I am. My children don't want to go anywhere. They simply want to be at home, which I can understand. But, being a person ALWAYS in motion, this not going anywhere is starting to do strange things to me. I have to shake myself and remember that school will start all too soon and life will dramatically change. So, here's to slowing down and soaking it all in..ALL of it.

Live Today!

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  1. Great post! I seem to finally slow down right before school starts. I wish I could back it up to mid-June. It just never seems to work that way!