Thursday, July 16, 2009

Too busy summering

I have my kids' school book pages all laid out in my studio. I have been trying to work on them now for about 2 weeks. So far, I have totaled about 1 hour since then. I also have ALL of June's 365 pictures in a folder, ready to be uploaded to Shutterfly, and I have about 20 story cards to make to go with them. But, I decided the time I get to spend with my kiddies and wonderful friends and family takes front seat these days. While I do try to do a little bit of documenting every day, I once read some words that basically said this, "Spend more time making your memories than you do documenting them." So, that is what I'm doing! :) Everything has a season, right? This is a picture of some wonderful people we have gotten to make some wonderful memories with!!!
Live Today!

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