Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Write now!!!!

I am sure, like me, you have probably wondered if what we are going through as a country is similar to what our grandparents faced. While we might not be experiencing it quite like they did, the feelings are the same. When we lose our job and wonder how we are going to feed our families those are the same emotions that our grandparents and parents faced. When we see businesses close their doors and friends pack up and move away, I am sure it feels exactly the same. But pondering on all of this actually gives me hope. They made it! They struggled and found new ways of doing things. They were handed the same empty plate and found a way to carry on. And in doing so, they raised a family with values, morals and a strong sense of togetherness.

February 3rd, 2004 my grandparents were going to celebrate their 59th anniversary. As a family, all 50 of us did an album for them. It was an album created by ALL of us. It was very important for everyone to share their thoughts and wonderful memories in their own pictures and in their own handwriting! I actually did several pages of grandpa and grandpa and the story of their life. Then the rest of the family did pages that I added to the album.

My grandparents had 6 children. So, I actually mailed 12x12 sheets to all the kids and asked them to write a letter to their mom and dad and maybe add a few pictures if they wanted. Beautiful does not even come close to describing how these pages turned out!This is my mom's page.
And not only did the 6 kids get involved but all the grandkids did a page. I actually got carried away and did several pages. I had lots of stories to tell! The point is, don't wait! Those wonderful stories are so very close to never being remembered! If you have family members that remember the "good ole days". Start asking them questions and write them down or record them and transcribe them later.
The book that I did really isn't all that fancy. I actually used the computer to write down my grandparents story and used lots vintage stuff. It didn't take all that long. With everyone contributing something it turned out to be a treasured keepsake. After it was finished, many in the family wanted copies of it. So, we took it to Kinko's and made some copies. The copies actually turned out pretty good too! :)
While you are busy remembering your families' stories, maybe find out a little more about those who have already walked the long road of life.
Live Today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing this Dawn- it was awesome! Grandma and Grandpa did a lot of reminiscining with this album.They really cherished it and were so proud that you chose their life to honor in this way.
    Grandma said it was beautiful!!
    Grandpa and Grandma were even inspired
    to drive down to the coast and visit our favorite family summer spot to remember 'Days Gone By".
    I love you!