Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am so excited about babyOmine! I have seriously not been able to sleep with all the ideas swirling in my head. But, it is coming together very nicely. A friend of mine asked specifically for a book with BOLD colors. She is having a girl and did not want the pastels and diaper pins. So, we found some beautiful paper from My Minds Eye. This paper is like cardboard. It really can stand up by itself its so thick and yummy! (This is what happens when you work on a project for many hours, it becomes like food! :) Anyway, I wanted to give you a peek!

The top picture is actually a pocket for cards. This is pretty heavy duty. I glued and stitched the sides of the actual pocket for stability. The bottom picture is a "hospital bracelet" pocket. There is room in there for a whole family of bracelets!

babyOmine albums can be 8x10 or 12x12. I prefer the 12x12 size because it will house much more!! This album is going to include about 26 fillable pages like "story of mom and dad" and "doctor visits" etc. It will also include 12x12 pages that will house your loose photos (and they aren’t going to be LOOSE in the album, they will have a nice and tidy home!) I found that when I was doing my babies' books, there was never enough room for pictures. And if they had slots, there was never any way to label what was going on in the pictures!! Problem solved. I have created a way for you to have your cake and eat it too!

I am planning on having a video up within the next couple of days showing you everything in this yummy book! However, if you would like more info. now, please email me at yourstorystudio@yahoo.com. I am planning on having some in Etsy in about a week or 2.

Now onto other items:

This is what we were doing Friday night. Have you ever played American Girl 300 wishes? Way fun! D and R really got into it. It really is a perfectly lovely game. You talk about things like opening up a lemonade stand and owning a cottage on a sunny beach! We had so much fun, the kids woke us up at 6:30 to play it again. Hooray for Saturdays and sleeping in! Ha. So...we were playing yet again!

4 inches of snow! The kids are out today and maybe tomorrow. The kids had fun playing in it! I had fun taking pictures and then I went back inside. I was thinking more about the cottage on the beach from American Girl!

Hope you have a happy day!

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