Friday, March 20, 2009

Peachy Cheap

You know that feeling when you find out about something really great and your first reaction is to tell as many people about it that will listen? Well...I must confess that I DID have that reaction...I called my sister and my mom. They get to hear lots of "firsts" from me. Some good, some ridiculous, some fun and worth it! But, beyond that I have kept THIS to myself for a couple months now...

I LOVE this gal....may she have obedient children and a clean refrigerator for the rest of her life.:) I don't know where in the world she gets this stuff or how she sells it so cheap. But, this website is just as addicting as Facebook. I walk by my computer and say, "No, I am NOT going to turn you on to find out what everyone is doing right now!", "No, there is nothing on Peachy Cheap that I MUST have right now!" My desk is a magnet that I can not defeat. So, I log onto Facebook and Peachy Cheap just about every day. Peachy Cheap has something new EVERY day. And unfortunately it is hooked to my PayPal account. Hope you enjoy her website as much as I have!
Live Today!

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