Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How exactly does it work?

I have been asked this question quite a bit lately. So, I'm going to attempt to show you a little bit from my album. The above picture is straight out of my most recent album. I use a 12x12 3 ring leather album for ALL of my scrapbooking now. I have many post bound albums but have found that 3 ring is more versatile. I use 8 1/2x11 sheet protectors (I use these to store things like smaller layouts, calendars, etc..), plain 12x12 sheet protectors and the above 6 up photo sleeves. I use more of the photo sleeves now that I have combined all my photos into my scrapbooks. It was crazy trying to keep a seperate album JUST for photos and then a scrapbook for those times that I had to do something special, which happens less these days. So now, everything is in ONE book.
I want to remember the STORY behind the pictures that I put into the photo sleeves, so I use a "your story" card for the journaling to record all those little things that I might forget. I like to think of this as a "mini canvas". I embellish them like I would a 12x12 page except it doesn't take near as long. I did the above card this morning in about 4 minutes. Most of that time was spent looking for the letters I needed from that stamp set. Put it next to my pictures and DONE! I feel like I have documented a little bit about the pictures, it's got some color and I can move on with life! EASY!!!
Her is another card I did. Except this time I added a little more to the card. Just like you add pictures and embellishments to your bigger scrapbook pages, you can add them to your "your story" cards.
Here you can see that I added a 5x7 picture into the mix for something different. Who says that your pictures have to be attached with glue or pop dots? Why not just slide them into a sleeve? I numbered the pictures on this "page" and then documented what each picture was on the "your story" card.
This is what I'm talking about...cut yourself some slack. Enjoy your life, take your pictures, put them into an album and write a brief story about your pictures. You can then add as much or as little as you want. Again, that is why I like the 3 ring albums. If you feel inspired to do a big 2 page layout to stick in between these pages, perfect!! It adds a little depth and interest! But,you don't have to add anything if you don't have time. You will have a beautiful album telling the story of your life. If you have any questions or if you would like to learn more about this, email me. This and WAY more information will be shared in my class, "In a Minute". My email address is Dawn

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