Sunday, March 8, 2009

Make it Real

I love this picture of me and my mom! My very talented Aunt Starr took it a couple of summers ago. To be honest it is probably one of my favorites. We aren't looking at the camera, we didn't even know she was taking the picture (honest! We are a very huggy family)! Those are my absolute favorite pictures.
One of my goals for "Your Story Studio" is to help people feel comfortable enough to document their real lives through scrapbooking. Sometimes it is so overwhelming with all the very yummy doo dads and fancy tools that are now on the market. It would be very easy to get caught up in the mind set that your pages HAVE to be this way and HAVE to look extra fancy! But, in reality the bottom line is the story your pages are telling. Yes! Get that beautiful paper! Yes! Those rub-ons are wonderful, they will add so much to your page! But, don't forget the STORY! And I'm not talking about labeling the page. I'm talking about putting some feeling, some emotion into your pages. Sometimes it will be a lengthy paragraph. Other times it will be just a few words... This is my momma's handwriting. I scanned this in from a card she sent me. I love looking at cards that my family sends me. I enjoy the words that they write, but I also like to imagine where they wrote the words. Was she sitting at the table where we ate Christmas dinner? Or was she sitting on the sofa where we sat up almost all night eating Hershey Hugs watching movies? Just looking at her handwriting brings all these wonderful memories back for me. So, I included that in my pages.
Make it real. Tell your story.
Mom, I love you! :)

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  1. Love this, Im Looking at pictures of my mom.
    want to do something like this. Thanks for the ideas