Thursday, March 5, 2009

Change of scenery

Yesterday was one of those days that everyone can relate to. I had a huge pile of laundry patiently waiting for me (that is the only thing I love about laundry, it never complains, it sits quietly) to fold and put away, I had to go and get groceries, my desk looked like this
and I still have a pile of paint supplies waiting for me to get to. You see I started doing touch ups ummmmm.. about 2 months ago. I was real motivated for about a day but then OTHER things came up.

But then I got a call from a friend of mine. She asked if I wanted to go to Garden Ridge. Since I have been sitting at my desk for about 3 days only coming down in the afternoons, something inside said, "Go! Go take a look at something outside the 4 walls of your house!". And I am so glad I did! I got to visit with my friend and her 2 beautiful little girls. I also found this inside Garden Ridge which was rather inspiring to me.
Wow! I love that! Life is always in Progress. It is always moving forward. It's our job to decide what we are going to absorb from it. We determine what kind of progress we are going to make out of this thing called life. I feel that yesterday was a wonderful day of progress. No, I didn't get to my painting. No, I didn't get to my zillions of projects laying on my desk. But, I connected with a friend and got to enjoy the beautiful day that I have been blessed to see with my own eyes!
Yes, yesterday was a day full of progress!

Oh, I also managed to go to Starbucks for some coffee! I got a Caramel Macchiato,sugar free, upside down (so the sweet part is on the top) caffeinated. I just love that they put your name on the cup! I also love that there is something inspiring on the cup for you to ponder about. This is what mine said. The type is kind of hard to says, "Failure is hard, but success if far more dangerous. If you're successful at the wrong thing, the mix of praise and money and opportunity can lock you in forever." Wow!
Have a wonderful day!

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